Off to a great start at The Perfect Piece

Thanks to everyone who has visited us at The Perfect Piece! It is an amazing store and we are thrilled to be a part of it. We are continuing to bring new pieces to our booth each week and will continue to post pictures of the items in the Portfolio gallery. If you have questions or requests for certain colors or types of items, please email us and we will be happy to work with you!

A new adventure at The Perfect Piece

A new adventure at The Perfect Piece

We just opened a new booth at The Perfect Piece in Cary, NC. It is a beatiful store and the people there are wonderful! Here are a couple pictures of the booth. Some of the pieces in the picture have sold already and new ones are on the way. We will keep posting pictures as we add items. You can also see more pictures on thepaintedsisters Facebook page!

New pictures added…

Clara has been painting, painting, painting! Pictures of several new pieces are posted in the “For Sale” gallery. Check them out and email us if you have any questions. We can let you know exactly which pieces are available at each location. Thanks!

Something New…

We’re always trying to learn new things! This week we took a class at Studio 28 in Raleigh and we had a great time! We also learned how to make some fun signs. Check out these three signs that we made in class. You can’t see it in the picture, but each one has a decorative ribbon attached for hanging. We plan to sell these at both locations so let us know if there is a specific sign that interests you. We will be happy to try to create it for you using colors that you like!

Gifts in stock!

Gifts in stock!

In addition to furniture, we have added several gift items in time for the holidays. The jars in the picture are mason jars that have been painted or decorated and have a Solar Lid Light attached. These lids recharge in the sunlight, then automatically come on when it is dark. We have hangers for the jars, or you can simply sit them where you want. I love them on the steps! These jars can be used inside or out, they just need a direct light source to recharge.

Another item that has been popular already is the wax potpourri and the warmers. These warmers use a small light bulb to light up and warm the wax for a great scent. The one in the center of the picture lights up beautifully in the jar. We have cinnamon, banana bread, vanilla, and other wax scents available.

We also have lighted glass blocks, ornaments, and other holiday items. These make great gifts for teachers, co-workers, and lots of other people!

Come see us soon and get started on that Christmas shopping early!

Transforming a table…

My family thought I was crazy when they saw this table in my garage. The painted top was just a little too much! But, after much scraping, sanding, and some painting, I love it! The top is now stained with java stain and the legs are painted Annie Sloan Old White.

The chairs painted Annie Sloan Florence really give it some color too. What do you think?

Lots of News…

Lots of News…

We haven’t posted anything in quite a while because we have been so busy refinishing and painting. We found some really interesting pieces and we’re working hard to transform them into something new. We also opened a second booth last Saturday at Unique Boutiques in Clayton, NC. So, please come see us in Clayton or at Snooper’s in Wytheville, VA!

See the Before and After photos of a vintage four drawer chest below. Click Portfolio or For Sale to see a full picture of the chest and pictures of more new items!

Thanks to everyone!

We had a great time at the Apple Festival! The weather was not perfect, but hurrying to get things out of the rain many times made the days more exciting. We enjoyed seeing old friends and making new ones, and we greatly appreciate all of you who came out to support us.

We will start working really soon on some new items for the booth at Snooper’s. Keep checking the website and Facebook for pictures of new items. Thanks again to everyone!

Come see us Sunday at the Apple Festival!

Our booth at the Chilhowie Apple Festival

The first two days of the Apple Festival have had plenty of rain. Thanks to all of you who came and bought things anyway! We sold several pieces, but we do have a lot of items left for Sunday. Come see us on what is supposed to be a sunny day!

Come see us at the Chilhowie Apple Festival

We have been painting like crazy and have MANY new items for our booth at the Apple Festival in Chilhowie (September 28-30). We hope you will stop by to check it all out! We will be there Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.